plonkatronix:BL (Fri Sep 21 14:14:26 2018)

Welcome to the Plonkatronix blacklist project (plonkatronixBL)...a place where a hacker (a plonka in my view) can blacklist themselves as they attempt attacks on this very box.
PlonkatronixBL lists are updated every 15 minutes, you are welcome to use plonkatronixBL lists for your own use at your own risk, some false positives may exist but hey like I said... use at your own risk

Main list: plonkatronix:BL
Recent list: plonkatronix:RBL

One other note, all plonka's are blocked from accessing all services on this box, however I have left this web site accessible in order to allow said plonkas to see that they are indeed blacklisted. If you find your IP blacklisted and wish to have it removed, well the short answer is quite simply NO.
The IP addresses listed below are the most recent attacks