plonkatronix:BL (Sun Jan 17 08:17:10 2021)

Welcome to plonkAtronixBL, the "plonkatronix blacklist project", here so called wannabe hackers blacklist themselves realtime as they attempt attacks on this very box.
The PlonkatronixBL list is updated every few minutes, you are welcome to use this list to protect yourself if you wish, do so at your own risk as some false positives may exist, but hey... this list is free unlike other that you must pay for, we were working with other parties feeding each other... only to realized we were giving more than receiving as always being hit first

Main list: Download the FULL IP plonkatronixBL here -
every single port and protocol are monitored here, we have recently upgraded and added even more honeypots to feed this list ;)

Is your previous IP on this list? there are a few reasons as to why it could be listed, either it attempted to access this box in a way that one shouldn't, or have attempted to gain access via illegal methods, seeking vulnravilities, scanning for scripts or connecting to services etc. or if your IP has already been blacklisted on other lists.
If you find your IP listed here and wish to have it removed, the short answer is quite simply NO... go and stick your head up where the sun doesn't shine as you shouldn't have attempted to hack me. It's very simple, stop trying to hack me and stop attacking me in anger due to your own failing fraustrations and your IP's will not appear here. On the flip side, Thank you to all the very bright inteligent hackers out there who help, keep feeding me your IP's ;)
According to the logs, it seems that this project has proven to be very useful, not only as a list that hackers can use to see if they 'can' access here or not, but to the whitehats of the world who are still using single IPv4 tables. Anyone who connects too frequently will also end up on this list... every 15 minutes is fine, anything below will be frowned upon. (got that Brazil, Russia and China?)
I'm only in this for protection and the fun of learning, don't insult me with your pathetic SMB scans and PHP lists/lame scans, if you can actually teach me something fun then come and do it :) So far all I have seen is a bunch of children playing, there is no such thing as a good hacker, even these idots who like to hide behind a group name... all a fucking joke, opportunism is your only success.
After three years running this project, I have seen things you wouldn't expect, Nominet UK trying to hack me... Microsoft have had a go many times too, they also ignore abuse@ reports... trust no-one in this world, and that is why this website exists with it's bad IP list. How do I get paid? I don't... and I don't want your money, the list is free forever. Plonkatronix previously report it's attacks to AbuseIPDB and other sources, this has now been dropped as they offer little protection and only take without giving in return finding that we were the first to be attacked/report... the blacklist's offered by others proved to be little help so plonkatronix is now the main list and will remain 100% FREE forever continually being updated and built upon.
The IP addresses listed below are just some of the most recent attacks, any duplicate addresses indicate multiple attacks.
2020: Wow! the amount of SMB attacks still attempted here just go to prove how stupid most hacker's are, I'm shocked that the world is full of so many thick heads, no wonder the few with brains are worlds apart.
Seriously... 'EVERY' connection on 'ALL' protocols are monitored here(even christmas day), I see you all with your pathetic distro/scatter scans and probes, and what's so funny, you ban yourselves instantly (pure dumb!) but hey, keep feeding the list and merry Christmas... let's hope you have a swell 2021! ;)